Teaching Courses at Universities

2020 - Assitant professor Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture, course "Parametric Modelling"

2017 - Lecturer Universität der Künste BerlinUniversität der Künste Berlin, Berlin Area, Germany I was teaching a semester-long Grasshopper-based course "Interactive- Interaction-design". The course content was focused on paper folding simulations with Kangaroo 2 and their physical conterparts.

2015 - Adjunct/ Tutor Victoria University of Wellington School of Architecture and Design, Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand, tutoring Design Communication Course (SARC261), tutoring parametric design workshops

Leadership of workshops at international conferences

  • AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN IN ARCHITECTURE (ACADIA 2018),Recalibration of Architectural Design Optimization, 14/10/2018, Mexico City, MX

  • COMPUTER-AIDED ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN RESEARCH IN ASIA (CAADRIA 2017),Workflows for Conceptual Architectural Design Optimisation (ADO), 03-04/04/2017, Xi'an JiaotongLiverpool University, Suzhou, CN

  • INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SPATIAL STRUCTURES 2017 (IASS 2017), Interfacing Architecture, Engineering and Mathematical Optimization, 24/09/2017, Hamburg, DE

  • ADVANCES IN ARCHITECTURAL GEOMETRY 2016 (AAG 2016), AJ Game from complexity to reality, 10-11/09/2016, ETH, Zurich, CH

  • SHAPES OF LOGIC 2015 (SOL 2015) Min- max structures, 7-11/03/2015, Wroclaw, PL

  • ADVANCES IN ARCHITECTURAL GEOMETRY 2014 (AAG 2014), Prototyping Optimization process in relation to solar analysis, 20/09/2014, UCL, London, GB

Online Trainings

Karamba 101: Introduction to Parametric Engineering link

Karamba 102 - Optimizzation of concrete shells and form finding techniques. link


On-site Workshops

to be added soon