Research Areas

I am interested in conducting and collaborating in research projects in the following areas:

  • computational design & multidisciplinary design optimization

    • structural art (elegant, efficient & economic structures)
    • form-finding
    • Architectural Design Optimization & tools
    • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • digital fabrication, rapid prototyping

    • smart fabrication of building components
    • recycle: recyclable & bio materials for digital fabrication
    • reuse: creation of 3D libraries of the available second-hand materials - establishing matching processes for the best material economy
  • design workflows, automation and software

    • automated design for fabrication 4.0
    • digital construction on blockchain

Funding Summary

Grant Unit Coordinator Amount Realization Time Results
Horizon 2020, MSCA IF, OPTIshell (EU funding: 101033646) A framework for the multi-objective optimization of timber gridshells under structural and energy-based criteria. link PROJECT WEBSITE Saule Technologies, PL J.Cichocka 137.6k€ 2022-2024 Gridshell Asssembly Control Device Prototype link, Goldfish optimizer: software+ publication, Optishell Structure: project + publication)
NCBiR, Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020, (funding nr:POIR.01.01.01-00-1696/20) Intelligent, kinetic sunlight breakers integrated with photovoltaics for smart building applications link Saule Technologies, PL Saule Technologies 137.6k€ 2021-2023 publication, patent submission, EU design patent
NAWA PPN/BEK/2020/1/00448 Living structures IBERO, MX J.Cichocka 84kPLN 2021-2022 project proposal for a installation for art festivals
FAST – funding for research groups Perovskin – active-bending pavilion with solar membrane TU Wroclaw, PL J.Cichocka 1.5k€ 2020 project proposal for the city of Wroclaw
MIT ART Grant, Inframe – structural art link MIT, Boston, US J.Cichocka 3.6k$ 2019 theis, realized project, public event
EXIST Grant (03EGSBE363) Multi-criteria optimizer MONARCHA TU Berlin, DE J.Cichocka, A.Krężlik, A.Migalska 125k€ 2016-2017 spin-off Parametric Support UG
Doctoral College of Computational Design Grant, Integrating Physical and Digital Design Methods TU Wien, AU - 70k€ 2016 - not realized (EXIST grant required full-time engagement) -
Thelxinoe – Euro-Oceanian Smart City Network (545783-EM-1-2013-1-ES-ERA MUNDUS- EMA22) University of Wellington, NZ J.Cichocka 24k€ 2014-2016 Silvereye optimizer : software + publication
Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Multic Optimization Methods in Architecture TU Irkutsk, RU J.Cichocka 11.5k€ 2013-2014 publication + workshops + art project